Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Transformation of a Number

A picture isn’t just worth a thousand words. It is worth a face, a story, an emotion, an abundance, a lacking, a past, a present, a future, and the transformation of a number. A picture can transform those numbers that we get so easily tangled up in. Before our trip to Peru we were told that there were about 922 children in Sagrada Familia. We became wrapped up in that number. 922 children. 922 pictures to take. 922 sponsors to find. 922 worthday parties to plan. 922 information sheets to collect. 922 children. When we got a list of the names the number became a little bit more substantial, a little bit more real. 922 orphans with names. But it wasn’t until we got home, until we printed out more than 900 pictures with 922 faces on them that the number became reality. In our hands we held the pictures of faces of 922 children that need the love of their savior. Once our team, which had grown from 10 to 30, got a hold of those pictures a new fervor arose. Our team was now even more passionate to find sponsors because we could look into the eyes of each child. Our team is now composed of students who will be going to Peru this July to throw the Worthday parties at the orphanage. Each team member is in charge of a house from the orphanage. The orphanage is divided into 15 different houses divided by age and gender. Not only are the team members finding sponsors for the children but they are also learning faces and names and praying over the children.
God’s hand has always been working and shaping this project but we felt almost overwhelmed by his blessings a couple of Wednesday’s ago. Our youth group allowed us to showcase Worthday for about 15 minutes during the service and to set up a table for each house around the room. Each table had their children’s pictures and information sheets laid out. That night we got about 22% of our sponsorships completed. In our eyes, every Worthday sponsor is now part of the Worthday team because they are helping us communicate to each child their worth in Christ Jesus. You can be a part of Worthday too. All it takes is a one-time gift of $20 and you get a picture and an information sheet of your child to keep and to pray over. You can even now go through the process online! But no matter what you decide to do, keep praying for us and for those precious children!
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