About Worthday

Our Mission Statement: "We are called to show God's love to the world's orphans and fatherless in personal ways that lead them to believe their worth to Jesus".
The WORTHDAY initiative was created to celebrate the WORTH of orphans all over the world. Because most orphans have no idea when their real birthday is, they’ve never celebrated their birth. Well that’s getting ready to change. We are a group of students from Fellowship Bible Church in Nashville Tennessee who want to take action and proclaim our love for God's orphans. We are all about celebrating the WORTH of their birth!
We will be traveling to various orphanages in different countries to set up a way where teenagers, like us, and adults can sponsor a child so that they can receive something special to celebrate their WORTH. Then, we’ll travel back to the orphanages and enjoy a WORTHDAY celebration with all the children in the orphanage.
We want to show these children in personal ways that they ARE in fact WORTH something to us, and not only do we love them, but their Father in heaven loves them more than they could ever imagine. Our hope is that through this, and other efforts, each child will begin to believe their WORTH to Jesus and become eager to know more about Him.
WE NEED YOUR HELP! God has called every single one of us to show His love to the fatherless! We need your prayers and your partnership! Give these children YOUR love, support, and prayer. Please follow our blog and pray for the names and faces on this page. Help us show these children their value to Jesus through sponsorship and prayer. Help us show these children of God how much they are WORTH!!!

Questions? Email us at worthday@gmail.com.