Wednesday, March 16, 2011


initiative |ih-nish-ee-uh-tiv|: an introductory step

That's what the entire WORTHDAY initiative has been from the very beginning - a series of small steps, one at a time.

It started with a group of teenagers who met through their church, Fellowship Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee. They felt called to take a step of faith and put their passion for orphans into action. So many orphans around the world have never been celebrated. They've never had a birthday party. They've never gotten a gift. They've never had someone tell them how much they're WORTH. They've never been told that they are of incomparable value to God, that He loves them so much He sent His son to die for them.

It's time for them to know.

In the WORTHDAY initiative, a sponsorship system will be set up where a team will go to a specific orphanage(s), take photos of all the children, and get all of their information. Then teenagers, adults, families, and even classes can sponsor a specific child on their WORTHDAY, where that same team will return and bring each child a personal gift and letter from their sponsor. On the WORTHDAY, the team will throw the orphans a huge party with their sponsored gifts and letters, food, WORTHDAY cakes, and the giving of the greatest gift of all - the good news of Jesus!

Our team has decided to throw the first WORTHDAY for the Sagrada Familia Home near Comas, Peru. This orphanage is home to 922 children who need to know how much they're WORTH. As an orphanage that is not Christian, and is in a location that our team is already familiar with and connected in, we feel that God has given it to us as the perfect starting point for the Worthday initiative.

From there, it was just one step after another. Our team of 10 (3 adults, 7 teenagers) leaves for Comas, Peru to get the photos and information of the children at Sagrada Familia this Tuesday, March 22! We are thrilled to be piloting the WORTHDAY initiative, and it is our hope that it will lead many orphans to believe their WORTH to us and to the Lord!

Children from the Sagrada Familia Orphanage in Comas, Peru. This photo was taken when we visited there this past summer. This is where God will be taking us back to next week to kickoff our first Worthday Initiative!
We truly believe that God desires each and every orphan in the world to know how much they're WORTH to Him, and we will take every possible step to help instill that knowledge to them. One orphan at a time. One step after the other. Because they're WORTH it.

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